Online Marketeer

Online Marketeer

You change everything!

E-commerce has become increasingly important to our business in recent years and the new E-commerce department will ensure that it becomes a big part of our business. With the acquisition of, the largest online perfume webshop in the USA, we have already made a big step towards B2C and the new E-commerce team will further expand the opportunities in the B2C market. We also continue to develop state of the art solutions for our B2B customers to enable and further expand the digital customer journey. And you can be a part of it!

B&S Group

The B&S Group is the premier distribution partner for the provision of consumer goods to specialized markets worldwide. We deal in luxury brands in product groups such as perfume, cosmetics, drinks, electronics and more. We are now expanding our services to online B2C concepts for which we are setting up a new department that you could become part of. 

This would be you

You’re ready to take on a new challenge as an online marketer where you can help set up the online marketing department. You want to experiment hands-on, and be able to show what works best with the data you’ve gathered from these experiments. You follow digital marketing blogs and vlogs to stay up-to-date on new developments and best practices. You enjoy working with other e-commerce specialists in the field of content, CRO, UX/UI, developers and colleagues from the purchasing team. This mutual dynamic, the speed and the way in which you reinforce each other's specialisms ensure that you feel the dynamic energy for setting up effective SEA campaigns. You are also characterized by looking ahead and having a clear vision of online marketing. How can you help the business grow with your marketing skills? The space to think about this makes you enthusiastic.

You can also check off your resume:

  • You have a university or college-level degree.
  • Hands-on experience with Google Analytics, GoogleAds and BingAds, preferably also with setting up campaigns in Facebook and Instagram;
  • You like to work in a way that’s data-driven and you have the analytical skills to substantiate your advisements with data.
  • You have demonstrably worked on e-commerce campaigns before.

Online Marketer at B&S Group

We see the e-commerce department where you will be working as an agency within our organization. With this e-commerce department, we serve internal customers both B2B and B2C: internationally, and with different product groups such as: perfume, cosmetics, drinks, electronics and more. Examples of our existing webshops are:,, en Within this role, you will be setting up the online marketing department and advising on the different business units as to how they can sell more through the use of your marketing skills. For example, you have experience in devising SEA strategies, setting up and running campaigns for multiple customers at the same time, you know how to score internationally and you monitor all the results. But you also have knowledge of social, affiliate, e-mail, marketplaces and as a modern marketer you are of course data-driven.

So, why would you work for us and not for a marketing agency? Have you also had enough of always working only during the customers’ hours of availability? Having a limited budget while you see great opportunities for growth? Having the need to experiment with new techniques and insights. Can you think big and get wildly excited about a company that has stores, webshops and wholesalers all over the world, with sales in excess of 2 billion? Do you enjoy being at the start, and from there building a department with your own vision and becoming the online marketing guru of the organization? 

What we offer

  • A full-time position (40 hours) and initially, a one-year contract;
  • Salary: a competitive salary that is commensurate to your level of experience and education;
  • A personal development plan with courses and exams that are directly in line with your area of expertise;
  • Vacation days: 25 vacation days, with the possibility of earning extra days;
  • Bonus: an annual performance-based bonus;
  • Travel expenses: a net compensation of max. €215 per month;
  • A work environment that offers diversity, freedom and independence;
  • Group discount: a great annual discount on your health insurance premium;
  • Pension: participate in our own pension fund in which we pay two-thirds of your premium;
  • Free use of our health clubs in Delfzijl or Dordrecht.

B&S Group does not approve of any commercial, contractor and agency acquisition via this job posting.

Vacancy details

40 Hours
Job level
Dordrecht, Delfzijl

Contact information

Laura Kling
T +31625779279
M +31625779279